Create an heirloom out of your memories


1. These albums tell YOUR love story! These are as close to a real life fairy tale book starring YOU as you will ever come. Let's get those timeless memories made into your own beautiful story.

2. Technology is constantly changing. Remember VHS tapes? Floppy discs? These used to be the reliable methods for storing your photos and videos. Even if a USB drive ceases to exist or your hard drive crashes, having an album ensures your photos are protected and will stand the test of time.

3. These albums are your legacy to pass down to future generations. I don't know about you, but I love looking at my mom and grandmother's wedding photos. I'm looking back at my history and that is a treasure for me to someday pass down to my children. 

Why are heirloom albums so important? Here are my three main reasons:

Your photos are a family legacy that should be cherished and showcased proudly in physical form

Most couples know the worth of investing in a great photographer, but then their gorgeous photos end up solely residing in cyber space. Your photos are a family legacy that should be cherished and showcased proudly. Let's talk a little about why heirloom albums are so important and why I think mine are worth the investment.

Every album we provide our clients has been color corrected for 100% accurate printing color. They are each made with the absolute highest quality materials that are guaranteed to last for years to come. The number of options provided are the perfect amount to not feel overwhelmed with decisions, yet offer enough personalization to make them feel like "you."

I know what you're saying to yourself: "I'll just design my own album after the wedding." Trust me...I said the same. But you won't, I promise. It's just one of those things that gets pushed aside for years until one day you realize you still don't have an album. So, with our easy ordering systems all you have to do is pick an album package and you'll receive your album draft ready for review. No agonizing over which photos to use, how to design them, which company to print through...all the heavy lifting is done by myself and the team at the professional lab I work with. 

Afraid of not being able to have any say in which images are used? No worries! You will have up to two free revisions where you can make notes of which images you'd like included, those you don't and changes to layout.

Why my albums?

And the best part? We take ALL the work out of it!

It's as simple and wonderful as that!

- Photos are chosen and albums designed in a thoughtful, cohesive and chronological way
- I prefer two images per "spread" (or across two flat-lay pages) and definitely don't design with more than 3-4 images per page for a classic and elegant feel
- They are all high quality and will last for years to come.


Our most affordable option, this lay-flat album includes 25-45 photos and a maximum of 15 spreads (30 pages), a gorgeous genuine bonded leather cover and high quality matte press paper.

*Available in four leather color options.

Heirloom Album pricing + PURCHASE


8x8 Leather Album - 15 Spreads


With options between genuine Italian full grain leather, linen and water resistant and durable velvet, these stunning lay-flat albums are not only visually appealing, but are also of the highest quality. They include up to 70-100 photos and a maximum of 35 spreads (70 pages), thick quality pages and a personalized debossed cover.

*Cover available in 4 materials and over 30 color options.


10x10 Leather, Linen or Velvet Album - 35 Spreads


This top-of-the-line heirloom album comes in the same style and materials offered with the Premier album, but in our largest size option. This means you get the maximum number of your wedding photos (up to 150 and a maximum of 50 spreads or 100 pages) included and in the largest and clearest view possible. This also comes with a personalized debossed front cover. There's a reason people buy the largest screen tv, right?!

*Cover available in 4 materials and over 30 color options.


12x12 Leather, Linen or Velvet Album - 50 Spreads


This is for the couple who wants something truly different. Something unique that will set them apart and show their personality. This journal style 9x12 lay-flat album comes with a full grain genuine leather cover, suede lining, and up to 60 photos and a maximum of 40 pages on thick luster paper.

*Cover available in two color options.


9x12 Leather "Journal" - 20 Spreads

Parent and companion albums are exact replica albums of your own album offered at a discounted price. They are available in select sizes. If ordered at the same time as your main album, you receive an additional 20% off.

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