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Your New Favorite Third Wheel. (I promise not to make it too awkward.)

There are few things I love more than some good Italian food, a glass of wine and deep, true belly laughs. I'd go hiking every weekend if I could. My husband, baby girl and two pups are literally the center of my universe...I feel blessed to have the family I do. My husband and I have traveled to 7 countries in 5 years and we both prefer visiting the countryside rather than cities. Being a native Massachusetts girl, I speak sarcasm fluently and I live for Boston sports. I'll never stop going to punk rock concerts no matter how old I am. Photographing weddings and couples feels so natural and it makes me seriously GIDDY every time I get to work with a new couple and hear their unique love story. 



IS Timeless
IS story-telling
IS for the wildly in love

My motto? Timeless, not trendy.

I consider my photography style to be candid and documentary. I want my photos to tell YOUR wedding day's story. 

When I edit, I like my photos to be true-to-color, meaning if you chose the perfect shade of burgundy bridesmaids dresses, I want them to portray that exact shade. My photos are bright and colorful, with just a *hint* of moody edge. 


Dani is incredible.  She kept what I wanted in mind but still somehow delivered more than I could have hoped for. I plan to use Dani for everything I can because she’s just that good.

let's do this.

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