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Roan Mountain Couples Shoot | Carver’s Gap

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I had never been to Carver’s Gap at Roan Mountain for a couples shoot before this past week. And boy did it NOT disappoint. In fact, I want to head back ASAP. It’s the perfect spot for a mountain photo session because there is parking directly below the shoot location. You have to do a 10 minute easy hike on a gravel path to the balds at the top of Roan Mountain. But getting to drive the majority of the mountain makes it much more easily accessible for those who don’t *love* hiking. Or for couples who don’t have several hours for a shoot.

Emily and Landon got married in October 2022. Because of Covid, they had to significantly alter their wedding plans. They decided to still get married on their original date, but they cut the wedding guests down to just a very intimate number of people as a safety precaution. Because of this, we also decided to cut the time they booked me in half. Half would be used for the wedding, then another half for this session.

I absolutely LOVE shooting in the mountains.

I feel like my truest self amongst mountain peeks and trees. Although it was almost 80 degrees in Charlotte during the day, by the time we started hiking up to the top, it was near 55 and dropping. It was also insanely windy. I mean the kind of windy that was rocking my Ford F150 back and forth. But Emily and Landon were ballers and handled it so well.

I actually love wind during sessions. It provides natural movement and I find messy, wind blown hair to be so romantic in couples sessions. The light was perfect for this, as we got there for golden hour. We had beautiful golden beams spilling over the peak to the east of us. We ended up with some stunning, romantic mountain view photos. Check them out, below!

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