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Kristina and Matt’s Lake Norman Engagement Photos

Kristina’s mom and dad live in the perfect, most beautiful location on Lake Norman for engagement photos. So it was definitely a no-brainer to do the photos there. Kristina and Matt also wanted to include their adorable Berniedoodle, Baxter in a few photos. Having Kristina’s parents there to handle Baxter when he wasn’t included was a very helpful bonus.

We spent the warm afternoon wandering around the property. It didn’t lack in gorgeous spots to take photos. Besides Lake Norman, there was a willow by the lake, bridges, flowers and a great open field for photos with Baxter. They also brought along a bottle of champagne to pop for some photos, which was so fun.

My style of photography is documentary, so my clients will ask if I help guide them in their photo shoot. The answer, of course, is yes! I don’t leave my clients to feel awkward and not know what to do. I prompt them to perform actions or interact with each other in a way that feels natural to them. This gets the most genuine and authentic photos.

Some examples of how I do this is to just have them hold hands a walk together. I tell them not to look at the camera, just to look at each other or look around and chat about their day. This is one of the prompts I usually start with as it’s a nice easy intro. Another thing I like to do is have my couples sit on the ground and cuddle as they would at home on the couch. I’ll help guide my couples in ways to interact that are flattering and don’t feel stiff or awkward.

After all, the purpose of these photos is mainly just to have fun and enjoy the experience together, while getting comfortable in front of the camera. And you’ll get some beautiful photos out of it to cherish forever!

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