Intimate Wedding at Rockwood Lodge in Highlands, NC

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It was a chill Fall day when Andrew and Whitney said “I do” in their intimate wedding at Rockwood Lodge in the Highlands of North Carolina. Surrounded by their close family and friends, their special day in the mountains left us all in tears. With breathtaking views and a love that will be celebrated forever, Andrew and Whitney are just one of the many couples who prove that their love has no limits.

Rockwood Lodge wedding venue Highlands, NC

The Rockwood Lodge in Highlands, NC

Rockwood Lodge is a luxury estate sitting in the Nantahala Mountains. Overlooking the mountains, Rockwood Lodge provides the most breathtaking views of the National Forest. It’s a secluded estate giving couples the privacy and intimacy they could ever dream of having for their wedding day. You’ll notice that the exterior of Rockwood Lodge is made up of handcrafted wooden architecture that helps give it a welcoming atmosphere to anyone who visits. Rockwood Lodge serves as the ultimate destination spot for many events, especially North Carolina weddings. The sweeping views, rustic decor, and modern amenities make for an excellent choice as a North Carolina wedding venue.

Rockwood Lodge Highlands, NC mountain view wedding ceremony
Highlands, NC mountain wedding photos

Benefits Of Having a Rockwood Lodge Wedding

There are many benefits when it comes to having a Rockwood Lodge wedding. There’s no argument that the views of mountains and evergreens are a huge factor when choosing this wedding venue. It feels as if you are one with the clouds, which makes it a major reason why couples choose to tie the knot at Rockwood Lodge. Many couples also choose Rockwood Lodge for their North Carolina wedding for their overnight guest accommodations. If you’re planning on having guests from out-of-state, Rockwood Lodge offers overnight accommodations from their hotel. Each bedroom at the Rockwood Lodge offers mountain views and is a big convenience being directly on-site. Lastly, Rockwood Lodge gives couples to also have their honeymoon there as well! If you’re not wanting to leave paradise just yet, you’re able to extend your stay and enjoy all of the amenities that Rockwood Lodge has to offer. A major benefit is that you can even book the entire property just for yourselves!

Regardless of your reasoning as to why you may choose to have a Rockwood Lodge wedding, there is one thing that is certain. Rockwood Lodge is a unique North Carolina wedding venue that is there to give you the experience of a lifetime.

Intimate wedding reception in the Highlands of NC at Rockwood Lodge
Rockwood Lodge wedding venue in North Carolina

Rockwood Lodge Wedding Amenities

As a part of the experience that they provide their couples during their wedding stay, Rockwood Lodge prides itself on their top-quality amenities. Some of the amenities included when you choose to have a Rockwood Lodge wedding are:

  • On-Site Getting Ready Suites
  • Overnight Accommodations Available
  • Minimum 3-Night Stay
  • Use Of On-Site Kitchen
  • ADA Accessibility

View more about having a Rockwood Lodge Wedding and what that entails here!

Rockwood Lodge wedding photos in Highlands, NC

Wedding Restrictions at Rockwood Lodge

Equally, there are some restrictions that are enforced by this North Carolina wedding venue that must be noted prior to booking your wedding here! Some of these restrictions are:

  • Wedding Coordinator Required
  • Venue Must Approve All Decorations
  • No Rice, Birdseed, Confetti, Etc.
  • Music Must End By 11:00 PM
  • Amplified Music Allowed Indoors and Outdoors
  • Valet Parking or Shuttle Service Required
Wedding reception introductions at Rockwood Lodge in Highlands, North Carolina
Wedding first dance at Rockwood Lodge wedding venue in Highlands, NC

Get In Touch With Rockwood Lodge

If you want to learn more about Rockwood Lodge and their wedding cost, or just have any further questions, contact them here or email

Wedding portraits in the mountains at Rockwood Lodge

Whitney and Andrew’s Fall Intimate Rockwood Lodge Wedding in Highlands, NC

To many, having that grandiose wedding is all that they have ever dreamed of. However, this idea of large traditional weddings has slowly fizzled out throughout the years. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with large weddings, but things are now just different. Couples aren’t as afraid to celebrate how they want to celebrate. Do what they want to do and cherish their love in the best way they know how. For Whitney and Andrew, what mattered more was celebrating with close friends and family in a place that would help make memories. Rockwood Lodge provided that safe haven space for love and celebration to take place and it was just as beautiful as you could imagine. In an intimate wedding ceremony overlooking the National Forest, Whitney and Andrew made their lifelong commitment to one another. Decor and floral arrangements were kept simple yet beautiful which stood out amongst all of the other rustic features of the venue splendidly. 

It’s also no secret that Rockwood Lodge gives some of the most epic photo locations that you could imagine. There was no way that we were going to have some of these sweeping views and not use them to our advantage. As the sun began to set, the sky turned into shades of cotton candy as Andrew and Whitney shared the last bits of daylight. Their intimate-style reception consisted of an indoor/outdoor feel having access to the stone patio outside. Mingling and dancing took place as everyone watched Andrew and Whitney’s love radiate. The night ended with a delectable dinner and more celebrating as we concluded. While small and intimate, their wedding day was surely a powerful one.

Intimate dinner reception at Rockwood Lodge
Cake cutting at Rockwood Lodge wedding venue in the Highlands
Grand exit wedding Rockwood Lodge

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